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Product Description

The smart customs must know that good accessories will help you a lot in many times. If you break the GPS antennas, how do you deal with the GPS jammer? Are you ready to throw it away? It’s wasteful and you needn’t to do, reserve a set of
antenna, everything works out.

Here, the portable GPS jammer antenna is prepared for you. You could replace the broken one with the spare antenna. The antenna is designed for covert portable GPS jammer (JASM110806) only. It is  already included in the package for this

model. You could buy a set of antenna for unexpected needs when you buy the GPS jammer.

If you’ve bought a GPS jammer, pick it up to your car with your jammer together in case of unpredictable thing. With this model, you get these features and so much more. Go ahead! The choice is yours.


  • Antenna for Jammer model JASM110806


  • 1pcs GPS Jammer Antenna


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